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Welcome to GPPD Ministry


God's Passionate Purposed Driven Ministry!



For the time of God's favor has come. All that mourn will receive joy instead of mourning, will be given beauty for their ashes, and praise instead of heaviness. The down trodden shall be freed from their oppressor, and God is ready to give blessing's to all who come to him, Instead of shame and dishonor, you will enjoy a double share of honor. you will posses a double portion of prosperity in your land. This statemen is affirmed in Isaiah 61:3-7.

This ministry was birth to encourage all who needs encouraging, just in case you have gone through storm's like myself, I need to remind you that although strom's don't stop comming, I've never seen a storm that didn't pass over. I must testify that because of the storm's that I have encountered, I have learned that they are designed to push us toward the destiny that God has ordained for us. Make sure your life is built on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ a strong, solid foundation that stands firm when storm's come.
I encourage you not to break under pressure because although we may have "Faith" and "Obedience" this willnot shelter us from lifes calamities, setbacks, tragadies and many sorrow's, but I need to tell you that in the midst of these trails, God expects us to express our faith toward Him to the world. If you feel that you are not accepted by friends, church family, co-workers, class-mates, or even family members, be encourage don't be suprised or disappointed when it's one of your love ones or someone that you know really well.

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